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Why We Are Ostomy Fashions

When I started Mojo's Moves I went with Consignment and Collectibles because it seemed to make the most logical sense. I've acquired quite a bit of inventory buying and selling items over the years on Craig's List & apps such as Letgo & Offer Up. Both apps are very easy to use, they have a fast and simple structure allowing the seller to post an item in less than 2 minutes with a picture from your phone. I've made a few dollars over the years but its not a steady source of income.

I needed more than just a one-time item. I needed awesome products that are immediately restocked. A product that rolls over income. I teamed with Amazon as a Paid Associate through Links. With the great quality of Books and my Ty Collection, this could actually work out if I could manage the consignment being offered across the U.S.

It has been over a month, and in that amount of time, I've lost sight of what the purpose was. Overwhelmed with posting, sharing, looking for more products. Products that didn't have any value to me. Although great products, I couldn't care any less about them. I have no connection with these items, I look at my site and its not at all what I envisioned.

Last night I received an email from Cloe's medical supply house with confirmation of shipment, I receive this email every month so I rarely open them. For some reason, I opened it, and there was a small Amazon Banner, at that moment I realized what it was I was doing wrong.

I was trying to earn a living selling stuff. How much can you talk about stuff your not connected with, blog about stuff that you don't care about? I need to offer products that people NEED. Products that I know about, how they work, pros and cons and how they affect our life, my little girl's life.

The Why:

I was bankrupt. Every bit of stability was yanked from under us and the means to earn a living and support my girls were so far out of reach that I couldn't breathe, The everyday life circumstances that happen to everybody at one time or another were stockpiled and dumped on me at one time like a joke. The Universe was mocking me. God was punishing me for all the idiotic stunts I've pulled in the past, reaping what I had sown. There had to be a reason. I couldn't make this stuff up. I was afraid to leave the house, get the mail and even answer the door, it was so bad I stopped streaming my churches service on Sunday because for a straight 3 weeks after losing my car, within 2 hours of watching service (lived 45 min away and no car) something drastic would happen costing myself and or my mother money we just didn't have. I felt that by me keeping the faith and bring the church into my home was upsetting this bad curse thing going on. The more I prayed the harder the hit. Our life had been turned upside down.

The Turmoil:

3 years ago my daughter Cloe was 9 when she became very sick, slowly, the symptoms crept up,+ making it difficult to detect that they were connected. This was the beginning change in who I was as a person, an employee, as a mother and as a friend. With no car, I was still able to walk to work at a full-time job and provide a very nice home for us but that only lasted for a short time once her condition was full-blown. I became needy and dependent on my church, my friends and constantly apologizing, begging for another chance to keep my job. The countless time's school would call to pick up Cloe for vomiting, fever and other things they were now requiring a doctor's note every time to return to school. Her doctor would prescribe medication and we would try to return to normalcy only to receive another call at work to pick her up. Bill money was flying out of the bank for gas, taxi fees, and laundry.

In a 30 day span she had been picked up from school 11 times, 7 doctor appointments and my job that depended on me to oversee certain tasks were now delegating to other workers and my hours where declining, coworkers in the beginning wee supportive but quickly turned into having animosity when I would have to walk out during a rush leaving my work for them to complete

I couldn't blame them. Over the next 2 1/2 years I became bitter toward everyone that looked at me with questions on why I was broke, I no longer did my hair, got my nails done and let me tell I had nails for almost 13 years, I became manic trying to coordinate specialist appointments part-time jobs, transportation, medications, having food she could eat stocked

Cloe was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, 10 months of medication failures and major side affects her diagnose had changed to full-blown Crohn's.

She has been hospitalized 16 times at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Three major surgeries, one being an emergency after becoming septic 2 days after the first. Cloe spent her 12th birthday in the ICU. I quickly became Team Cloe, her advocate. I was overbearing with the schools, doctors, and anyone that spoke about Cloe's condition in regard to knowing what was best for her. You can have all the book smarts and college degrees but until you have lived one week with this condition you don't know crap. I'm it, I'm the one God trusted to care for her and there isn't anything I wouldn't do to take her pain away. Including writing this.

Awareness, parents should at some point teach their children to be kind, Cloe asked to speak in front of her class to get it right she said, the names they where calling her was proving yet again that she didn't want to live like this. But God! She found the strength without discussing with me first to take these unaware children and give them knowledge. You go, Cloe!

Did I mention I had two other daughters in the home?

The Now:

Here we are today, my girls and Tiny Tim, Cloe's Stoma, and her not so little Cat Tiger.

Living out of the city was a great Idea until you find your self without a car. Not having public transportation is a huge obstacle. I didn't think that one through when we made the move.

I cried for a good week after our car broke down.

I started listing on Letgo again to pay the bills and hopefully get my car fixed.

The bad luck, misfortune, whatever you want to call it. I personally thought maybe I had a curse on me. The snowball effect had taken a toll on me, physically and mentally. We were sinking so fast, I couldn't stop it. Cloe had another surgery coming up. And Oh My God, I have no car, no job. Anxiety and depression hit so hard that the thought of not living was leaving me feeling guilty. As these feelings were trying to take over, my phone rang and it was Cloe's medical supply house. This shut down those lies in my head instantly

Cloe & Willow

because that is who I am, Cloe's mom, as the lady on the other end of the phone kept repeating. Hello? Cloe's mom? I'm the one who knows what she needs, what will work or not. I am worthy and how selfish of me to feel depressed, no matter what bad things happen. I have a job to do...

The Future:

Cloe has returned to school with her younger sister Willow. Her clothes don't hang right with Tiny Tims bag so Cloe started cutting and mending to create a style that she feels good in. She has been looking at bag covers online, I've searching for them myself while placing her medical supply orders. This I have a passion for, the experience with several brands on what works best and what doesn't in different daily living elements. I can help others with their product needs giving them real comparisons and product functionality.

Cloe has given me the inspiration to want to achieve higher goals for myself and our family, I have overcome really big mountains with Cloe, I can't imagine what actually goes on in her head but as I look at this little girl, so determined not to be defined by her condition how can I lose.

  • Mojo's Moves isn't going anywhere, just going to make changes that help people