Unspoken Rosebud is the Unique Brand of Ostomy bands & Stoma Pouch Covers  by Designer Hettie Carr from Uk.
All of her products are hand picked by Hettie and are organic. Each Band and Cover is made per order and delivered to your door.


Unspoken Rosebud

To be able to create bespoke urostomy bag cover is such a great piece of lingerie. Are you having difficulties find the right bag cover for you? Let me know and let’s see what we can create. #urostomywarrior #urostomy #ostomy #stoma #ileostomy #colostomy #urostomy #colitisawareness #crohnsawareness #bowelcancer #ibs #invisibleillness #ostomate #crohnandcolitisuk #ittakesguts #getyourbellyout #ostomywarriors

Ostomy Bands & Stoma Pouch Covers

Designs By Unspoken Rosebud

Wondering if you'll ever find a band that fits perfectly, is comfortable and gives your pouch the support you need for every day wear.
Unspoken Rosebud has the collection you'll absolutely love.
Handmade to order, with hand picked organic materials.
These are truly the best product I have found. There is Water Proof, Bridal and Men's line. There is even a hidden pocket option.